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Water Color Pet Portraits...

         ...painted from your photos.                       Gift Certificates also available  

      Pets have always held a dear place in my heart. As a fellow animal lover, you can trust that your pet’s portrait will be painted with as much love and adoration as you bestow upon them.

     I have studied with World Renown and Nationally known Artists such as Charles Reid, Bev Joswiak, Stan Miller, Pat Weaver and many more.  I have studied and painted several subjects from landscapes to architecture and people, but it was when I began painting animals that my work came alive and had meaning-  I was painting from the heart to the paintbrush.

     I bring passion to my craft, with attention given to expressing every detail through my watercolor pet portraits, including dogs and cats, especially the eyes – the window to the soul. Through the eyes and attention to detail, I can truly capture the character and personality of your beloved pet, providing you with a meaningful keepsake to cherish for years to come.

Your furry companion has their own unique personality and they deserve a portrait that captures it. No matter where you live, I can create a great piece of art based on a favorite photo of your pet for reference.

Contact me today for more information on creating pet portraits from photos.

Pet Portraits by Sherry D


Texas, USA

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