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Sherry Daerr, Pet Portrait Artist

Sherry Daerr, Artist



Phone: 214-212-7113

Meet the Artist


​Although my career has been focused on fashion design and illustration, I became fascinated with watercolor painting over the past decade. I have always loved watercolor medium, and found it intriguing to watch what happens when the watercolor paints hit the paper. It can be so unpredictable and at times out of control, but therein lies the challenge and the beauty.

I have studied for years with Babs Light, a local artist in my home town. Babs has been a great mentor and enlightening teacher. I have also taken numerous watercolor workshops with well known National Artists over the years. After studying different subjects like landscape, architecture, and people, I discovered that painting animals (a subject that is dear to my heart) was when my painting really began to take shape and have meaning. Once I have painted the eyes, I have company and have made a friend. In painting, I like to suggest rather than paint every detail. I find that it is more interesting to let the viewer “fill in the lines” so to speak to complete the painting - therefore their imagination takes part in the creation.

I have always been very compassionate towards animals. And, animals sense that in me and respond to me in a friendly manner. Furry, four legged friends have always been a part of my life.













When I am not painting Watercolor Pet Portraits, I teach Art part-time and enjoy Photography, Cycling and Traveling. I also volunteer on a horse ranch that works with special needs children on creating that special bond between horse and rider. I am currently a member of Southwestern Watercolor Society and currently serving on the board.

I feel strongly in helping our furry friends, so I will donate a portion of the proceeds from each pet portrait that I paint to Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to creating a memorable portrait of your pet.

Sherry D


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is Gracie.  She is an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  She is all about playing ball, and when she is not playing ball, she is laying in my lap.


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