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"He loves it!!!!"

Gail C.

Colleyville, Texas

Portrait of Jacques & Charlotte

“Dear Sherry,I can't tell you how much Fred loved the portrait of Chelsey! It brought him to tears because it was so much like Chelsey. You really caught her essence and brought her to life for him. He's so proud of it. Thank you so much."

Vaunie S.

Rowlette, Texas was fabulous.  I was astounded when I walked in and saw it on the shelf.  You "nailed" her right-on! made me tear up.....  What a class-act you are and so professional and giving at the same time.

Sharon C.


Portrait of Scout

“Oh my, I am speechless, and you know me I don't get speechless. This wonderful beyond words - speechless!! I am not kidding - I am in tears. This is Poncho - thank you so much, Sherry!!!”

Laura T.

"I absolutely love the picture!  You have captured the essence of Tucker and it makes me so happy to know that Ben will have this picture to treasure for always even after Tucker is gone.  Thank you for a wonderful job!”

Becky W.

"I wanted to let you know, my husband LOVED the portrait of Sofie. It was a big hit and his favorite gift. I'm amazed by the way you were able to capture not only her physical appearance, but also her personality in the painting. Thank you so much for painting her. We'll treasure this piece of art for years to come!"

Deb W.

" looks just like him!!  Sweet boy....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!""My sister loved it...we were all together and gave it to her last night...she cried!  It really does look like Jakers.  Thanks again!!”

Jenny N.

"You nailed it! That is so them. You are awesome! I can't wait to recommend you to my customers!"

Cindy S.


Portrait of Bizkit & Sugar

"That is awesome!  Well done, and thank you!”"Just wanted to let you know that the painting of C.K. was a HUGE success!  Jay (my husband) loved it and good thing I went to buy a frame for it on Friday because he wanted to (and did) hang it up immediately.  It now holds court on a prominent wall between our entry and family room."

Lee Ann B.

"I LOVE IT!!  Thank you so much!  My sister will love this!  You have done a wonderful job!"

Susan G.


In Loving Memory of Dakota

“OH Sherry, I almost cried. It's beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you! I am so excited!!!!!”    Luci C.


Portrait of Sienna & Mocha

“Sherry is awesome at being able to catch the soul of your pet. Chelsea is the one she did for me, and I’ll be forever grateful for that - Thanks, Sherry! If you have a pet you love, or had one, she will definitely do them justice!”

Bill S.

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