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You may need to get creative when training an Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is above average in obedience and working intelligence. Therefore they may become bored with repetitive training techniques. So, a trainer needs to be creative in his approach to keep the attention of this breed to make learning fun. Taking a play break can be much more productive than trying to force the Airedale. They are alert and very energetic making them not aggressive but fearless. The Airedale can be trained as a hunting dog or working dog because they exhibit some herding capabilities but have a propensity to chase animals. They have no fear of large animals like cattle, but if not trained properly, they may agitate and annoy the animals. They have been bred to hunt independently resulting in its intelligence, but also can be stubborn. The Airedale, originally from Britain, is the largest of the Terriers standing at 23-24 inches tall and weighing 55-66 pounds. The Airedale has a medium length black and tan coat with a harsh wiry top coat and a soft slightly wavy undercoat. The saddle is dark with the face, ears and legs in tan. Airedales are very loving with a great sense of humor. They love to be right in the middle of things. They are good with children if exposed early on, otherwise they may play too ruff. The Airedales are reliable, protective, loyal and strong. Because they are very energetic, they need lots of exercise. Stay tuned for next weeks breed, The Akita Thanks for reading!

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