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Basset Hound- “Could be a table surfer - watch out!”

Although they have short legs, their body is long which means they could be able to reach the table top to table surf, unlike other dogs with longer legs & shorter bodies that can’t reach the top. Standing 12” at the withers and weighing 35 to 70 pounds, the Basset is not good for swimming because they are so heavy, they cannot hold themselves above water for very long. They have strong necks, and loose skin around the neck referred to as the dewlap, along with the long ears which help trap the scent of what the dog is tracking. Their long, tapered tails stand upright tipped in white which has been bred into them so that they can easily be seen in tall brush. Bred to chase rabbits, they are a scent hound second only to the Blood hound. They are commonly tricolored- black, brown and white with short hair. The long ears and droopy eyes make them look sad, which adds to the dog’s charm. Who could resist that look?

The Basset Hound can be very vocal. They have a sort of whining sound that they make that makes them sound like they are trying to talk to you. The Basset is a very friendly dog and good with children.

I absolutely loved painting this Basset Hound. They have such expression in their faces - I tried to capture that. I put in some light shadows to indicate the droopy skin around their neck. I love painting tricolored animals - the contrast is so exciting. And, why not throw in a little bug accent?

Stayed tuned next week for the next Breed, Beagle. Thanks for reading!

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