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Day 5 Charles Reid Workshop- Portraits

Charles started painting with a size 10 sable brush.

He started with the nostrils with Cad Red and Cerulean. This always scares me when the Artist uses Cad Red. It always looks too intense. But, I am always amazed at how much that color fades when dry. He next applied a neutral under the nose.

skin tones

He then added a wash to the face with placing Cad Red on first then added raw sienna and cobalt to mix on the paper while it was still wet.

With the paint on the brush, he dipped into the water to splatter.

He said that most people make the mistake of separating the face from the neck at the chin line. "Don't do that." He said.

tints for whites of shirt

After painting some tints of color for his white shirt and jeans, he went back to the nose after it dried with a number 8 brush putting Burnt Sienna in the nostril. Make sure nothing is wet when going back in or you will lose the definition.

wash on face

Close up of head

Place your color on the paper, then add second color to the dab, then spread if necessary.

He painted the chin line last and very subtly being careful not to draw a continuous line.

Finished painting by Charles Reid of Bruce

Finished painting of Bruce.

street guy and his dog

Photo of dog

My painting of the dog

We had a street guy and his dog to paint. I decided to paint the dog instead of the guy. When Charles circulated around the room with his critiques, he said, "Good Dog!". That was all I needed to here.


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