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“Think it through” Bernese Mountain Dog

If you need time to think things through, you will relate to the Bernese Mountain Dog.

They do not respond to harsh treatment, so treat them well and they will be forever loyal

and kind. Like the Golden Rule. They can be a bit shy, but interact well with cats and horses. Originally from the Swiss Alps and raised by Dairy men and Alpine herders, the Bernese were farm dogs and used to pull carts and herd cattle. They were first recognized as a registered breed in 1907. These Bernese are large dogs, standing 23-27 inches at the withers and weighing 65-120 pounds. They have medium length fur typically tricolored black, white and rust colored accents at the brows, jowls, chest and legs. The ideal markings of white will be a horse shoe shape around

the nose and a Swiss cross on the chest. The Bernese Mountain Dog loves to please his master. They love to be encouraged with praise and treats. They are also great with children despite their size. They are so lovable to look at- you just want to give them a big ol’ hug. I chose to paint a puppy Bernese because as with all puppies, this one is particularly cute and lovable. I love the big paws that this one has not grown into yet. I painted a tan color first under the dark, then a blue/dark brown combo to get the dark fur color. I then scrubbed out some of the color for the highlights and the blue undertones shown through.

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